about Scrivereconlaluce.it

This website is about photography and my name is Michele Trecate.

I usually don’t speak English. I am italian and I live in Italy (Vercelli, a town between Milano and Torino). I speak Italian and I write in Italian language.

The reason you found my website.

a) I wrote something about you?
This means you probably are a good photographer!

b) I wrote something about your website/blog?
This means you probably wrote something interesting about photography!

c) I link to your website/blog?
This means your blog/website is interesting!

Scrivereconlaluce.it is a very interesting blog about photography. I think you should learn italian language to read it.

I understand english language, but I am lazy and I prefer to write in “italiano” ;)

I am sorry, but I can’t translate everything I wrote.
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